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Aezani, Temple of Zeus

Aezani, Temple of Zeus - to be assigned Αιζανοί, Ναός Διός - to be assigned


Altars in Asia Minor (Antiquity)

Altars in Asia Minor (Antiquity) - to be assigned Βωμοί στη Μ. Ασία - to be assigned


Ankara (Antiquity), Temple of Augustus and Rome

Ankara (Antiquity), Temple of Augustus and Rome - to be assigned Άγκυρα (Αρχαιότητα), Ναός Αυγούστου και Ρώμης - to be assigned


Aphrodisias (Antiquity), Temple of Aphrodite

Aphrodisias (Antiquity), Temple of Aphrodite - to be assigned Αφροδισιάς (Αρχαιότητα), Ναός Αφροδίτης - to be assigned


Assos (Antiquity), Temple of Athena

Assos (Antiquity), Temple of Athena - to be assigned Άσσος (Αρχαιότητα), Ναός Αθηνάς - to be assigned


Attaleia (Antiquity), Mausoleum

Attaleia (Antiquity), Mausoleum - to be assigned Αττάλεια (Αρχαιότητα), Μαυσωλείο - to be assigned


Belevi, Mausoleum

Belevi, Mausoleum (2/3/2006 v.1) Μπελεβί, Μαυσωλείο  (14/10/2005 v.1)

The Mausoleum of Belevi was situated in the western part of the Caysrtos valley, 14 km northeast of Ephesus. It is a two-storey grave-monument, formed by a high pedestal including a burial-chamber and an upper level, with a rectangular cella-like hypaethral building surrounded by a peristastis. It was constructed in the late 4th or early 3rd cent. BC. At the date of its abandonment the monument was used as quarry; its intensive exhaustion started during the 6th century A.D.



Claros (Antiquity), Sanctuary of Apollo

Claros (Antiquity), Sanctuary of Apollo - to be assigned Κλάρος (Αρχαιότητα), Ιερό Απόλλωνος - to be assigned


Cnidus (Antiquity), Tomb of Leo

Cnidus (Antiquity), Tomb of Leo - to be assigned Κνίδος (Αρχαιότητα), Τάφος Λέοντος - to be assigned


Cyme (Antiquity), Temple of Isis

Cyme (Antiquity), Temple of Isis - to be assigned Κύμη (Αρχαιότητα), Ναός Ίσιδος - to be assigned