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Botaneiates family

Author(s) : Krsmanović Bojana (9/11/2003)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Krsmanović Bojana, "Botaneiates family",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Βοτανειάτες (3/16/2009 v.1) Botaneiates family (3/16/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table

9th c.: First mention of the Botaneiates family in the sources

summer of 1014: The doukas of Thessalonike Theophylaktos Botaneiates dies at the battle of Kleidi against the Bulgarians. His son Michael distinguishes himself in the same operations

1021-1022: Michael Botaneiates takes part in the campaigns of Basil II against the Abasgoi

1057: Nikephoros Botaneiates participates in the rebellion of Isaac Komnenos

1060's: Nikephoros Botaneiates distinguishes himself as military commander on the european front and in Antioch

October 1077: Nikephoros Botaneiates rebells against Michael VII Doukas

1078-1081: reign of Nikephoros III Botaneiates

1081: Rebellion of Alexios Komnenos, resulting in the overthrow of Nikephoros III, who is tonsured a monk

around 1085: A grandson of Nikephoros III marries the daughter of Manuel Komnenos, deceased brother of Alexios I.

around 1110-1112:
Eudokia, the daughter of the sebastokrator Isaac (brother of Emperor Alexios I), marries Nikephoros Botaneiates, who on this occasion receives the title of sebastos

1st half of the 12th century: Two members of the Botaneiates family, Manuel (married to Eirene Synadene) and George (husband of Zoe Doukaina), receive the title of sebastos

late 12th century: The Botaneiates family loses its high social status

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