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Doukas familly

Author(s) : Krsmanović Bojana (9/11/2003)
Translation : Makripoulias Christos

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Δούκες (3/16/2009 v.1) Doukas familly (3/16/2009 v.1) 

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List of important family members

Andronikos Doukas:

He was active during the reign of Leo VI (886-912). He belonged to the upper echelons of military hierarchy and took part in the wars against the Arabs. In 906 he was accused of conspiring against Leo VI and in the spring of 907 fled to the Arabs. Soon he initiated secret negotiations with the emperor, wishing to return to Byzantium, but he was imprisoned by the Arabs. He died ca. 908.

Constantine Doukas:

Son of Andronikos Doukas. He fled to the Arabs along with his father, but returned to Byzantium in 908, when he was appointed strategos of the Charsianon theme and domestic of the Schools a little later. After the death of emperor Alexander (913), patriarch Nikolaos Mystikos invited him to take the throne. He was killed in combat against the garrison of Constantinople.

Gregory Doukas:

Son of Constantine Doukas. He was killed alongside his father in 913, during street fighting in Constantinople.

Michael Doukas:

Nephew of Constantine Doukas. He was killed alongside his uncle in 913, during street fighting in Constantinople.

Stephen Doukas:

Younger son of Constantine Doukas. After the failed revolt of 913, he was castrated and exiled to Paphlagonia with his mother.

Nikolaos Doukas:

The last known representative of the so-called “first group” of the Doukai, he was killed in 917 in the battle of Katasyrtai between Byzantines and Bulgarians.

Andronikos (Doukas?) Lydos:

Active at the end of the tenth century. He was patrikios and doux. Some researchers include him among the members of the Doukas family (in the so-called “second group”).

Constantine X Doukas:

He represents the so-called “third group” of the Doukai. He appears in the sources for the first time in 1034, when he supported the aspirations of his father-in-law, Constantine Dalassenos, and opposed Michael IV the Paphlagonian. After the death of his first wife, he married Eudokia Makrembolitissa, niece of patriarch Michael Keroularios. In 1057 he took part in the revolt of Isaakios Komnenos. During the reign of Isaakios I he was honored with the high rank of proedros. In 1059 he replaced Isaakios I as emperor and reigned until his death (1067).

John Doukas:

Brother of Constantine X Doukas. In 1057 he participated in the revolt of Isaakios Komnenos. In 1059 he was honored with the rank of caesar. He protected the dynastic rights of the Doukas family and opposed Romanos IV Diogenes (1068-1071). He helped Michael VII Doukas take power and contributed to the conclusion of a marriage alliance between the Doukai and the Komnenoi, since he supported the marriage of his granddaughter Eirene to Alexios Komnenos. He played one of the most important roles in the revolt of Alexios Komnenos in 1081. During the reign of Alexios I his influence waned. He died ca. 1088.

Michael VII Doukas:

Son of Constantine X and Eudokia Makrembolitissa. After the death of his father he was unable to ascend to the throne because he was a minor. With the help of his relatives he took power in 1071, replacing Romanos IV. He was overthrown in 1078, when Nikephoros III Botaneiates came to power. He was forced to become a monk and died ca. 1090.

Eirene Doukaina:

Daughter of Andronikos Doukas and Maria of Bulgaria, granddaughter of John Doukas. She was born in 1066. In 1077 her mother prompted her to marry Alexios Komnenos. Due to this affiliation, in 1081 the Doukai supported the revolt of Alexios Komnenos, through which the families of the Komnenoi and Doukai came to power.

Konstantios Doukas:

Son of Michael VII and Maria of Alania. He was born ca. 1074. When his father was overthrown (1078), his mother protected her son’s rights to the throne by marrying the new emperor, Nikephoros III Botaneiates. When Alexios Komnenos came to power, the new emperor issued a chrysobull guaranteeing Konstantios Doukas’ royal rights. Later Konstantios Doukas was engaged to Alexios’ daughter, Anna Komnene. He died ca. 1095.


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