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Doukas familly

Author(s) : Krsmanović Bojana (9/11/2003)
Translation : Makripoulias Christos

For citation: Krsmanović Bojana, "Doukas familly",
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Δούκες (3/16/2009 v.1) Doukas familly (3/16/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table


ca. 843-844: The Doukai are mentioned in the written sources for the first time.

early tenth century: Andronikos and Constantine Doukas are active during the reign of Leo VI.

913: Revolt of Constantine Doukas attempting to seize power. Constantine Doukas, his son Gregory and nephew Michael lose their lives. Constantine’s younger son Stephen is castrated.

917: Nikolaos Doukas, last known member of the so-called “first group” of the Doukai, is killed in battle between Byzantines and Bulgarians at Katasyrtai, Thrace.

976-979: Andronikos Lydos and his sons, Christophoros and Bardas, members of the so-called “second group” of the Doukai, participate in the revolt of Bardas Skleros.

1034: Constantine Doukas supports his father-in-law, Constantine Dalassenos, against Michael IV the Paphlagonian.

1057: Constantine Doukas and his brother John participate in the revolt of Isaakios Komnenos.

1059-1067: Reign of Constantine X Doukas.

1071-1078: Reign of Michael VII Doukas.

1077: Marriage of Eirene, granddaughter of caesar John Doukas, to Alexios Komnenos.

1081: Active participation of the Doukai in the revolt of Alexios Komnenos against Nikephoros III Botaneiates.


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