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Caesarea (Antiquity)

Author(s) : Sofou Athanasia (9/5/2001)
Translation : Kalogeropoulou Georgia , Karioris Panagiotis

For citation: Sofou Athanasia, "Caesarea (Antiquity)",
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Καισάρεια (Αρχαιότητα) (5/5/2008 v.1) Caesarea (Antiquity) (7/22/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table


End of 5th c. BC: Mazaca was probably the seat of dynast Camisaris and then of the satrap Datamis.

First quarter of the 4th c. BC: Mazaca was probably the seat of dynast Aspis

c. 255-17 BC: Capital of the Cappadocian kingdom

220-164/163 BC: Hegemony of Ariarathes IV Eusebes. The city was renamed to Eusebeia on Argaios.

81 BC: Destruction of the city by Tigranes the Great and banishment of the residents to Mesopotamia and Tigranocerta.

69 BC: Return of the residents of Mazaca to their city.

63 BC: The end of the Mithridatic wars. Restoration works by Pompey.

47 BC: Caesar’s visit.

12-9 BC: The city is named Caesarea.

14-37 to 193-217: Caesarea is the seat of the Koinon of Cappadocia.

17: Caesarea is the capital of the Roman Province of Cappadocia and the seat of the imperial mint.

180-192: Hegemony of the emperor Commodus. Caesarea is appointed the titles of Metropolis and Neocoros. Celabration of the festival Commodeion.

193-217: Hegemony of the Severus dynasty. Earliest testimony of the nomination of the title neocoros.

204/205: Inauguration of the festival Philadelpheia Severeia


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