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Branchidae (14/10/2005 v.1) Βραγχίδαι (24/1/2006 v.1)

Branchidai is a toponym in the territory of Miletus, equivalent to Didyma. However, it is often interpreted as the name of a family of priests from Didyma, of which each member had a seated statue along the Sacred Way leading to the entry of the sanctuary of Didyma.



Claros (Antiquity)

Claros (Antiquity) (9/2/2006 v.1) Κλάρος (Αρχαιότητα) (14/10/2005 v.1)

Claros was the seat of a famous Apollo sanctuary and oracle, 55 km.south of Smyrna and in a distance of ca. 2 km. from the shore. In Antiquity, it was a coastal site and the sanctuary with its staff belonged to the city of Colophon.



Didyma (Antiquity)

Didyma (Antiquity) (26/1/2006 v.1) Δίδυμα (Αρχαιότητα) (14/10/2005 v.1)

Sanctuary and oracle of Apollo along the Ionian-Carian borderline, connected with its mother city Miletus by road probably since Archaic times. During the late 7th and the 6th century BC it reached its apex of prominence and influence on Aegean politics. Among its three succesive temples of Apollo the second was one of the largest marble temples of its age.



Nemrut Dag (antiquity)

Nemrut Dag (antiquity) - to be assigned Νεμρούτ Νταγ (Αρχαιότητα) - to be assigned


Smintheium (antiquity)

Smintheium (antiquity) - to be assigned Σμίνθειον (Αρχαιότητα) - to be assigned