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Ottoman Period





Baltatzis Family

Baltatzis Family (6/2/2006 v.1) Μπαλτατζή Οικογένεια (14/10/2005 v.1)

Important family of Smyrna activating in commerce, banking, politics, diplomacy and letters between the 18th and the 20th century. Several of its members settled in European capitals and financial centres, such as Constantinople, Marseilles, Paris, Vienna and Athens, and successfully expanded their activities over various sectors. The marriages with members of influential families played a key role in the spread of the family.



Karaosmanoğlu family

Karaosmanoğlu family - has not been published yet Καραοσμάνογλου (Karaosmanoğlu) Οικογένεια - to be assigned

The name of a well-known ayan family dominated the Western Anatolia especially during the XVIIIth century, in “the age of the ayans” of the Ottoman Empire. They were influential notables whose power based on iltizam and çiftliks, and on local magistrative offices such as ayanlık, voyvodalık and mütesellimlik to the exclusion of the administrative authority of vali and mutasarrıf appointed by the Ottoman central government since the second half of the XVIIth century.


Photiades family

Photiades family - to be assigned Φωτιάδη Οικογένεια - to be assigned


Sarasites family

Sarasites family - has not been published yet Σαρασίτη Οικογένεια (14/10/2005 v.1)

Celebrated family of chief metallurgists from Gümüşhane (Argyroupoli). Like many metallurgists before, some members of the family activated in mines outside Gümüşhane . Some of the family even held ecclesiastical offices. They were among the most influential families of the area with access to the local political scene.


Çapanoğlu family

Çapanoğlu family - to be assigned Τσαπάνογλου (Çapanoğlu) Οικογένεια - to be assigned