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Amisos (Byzantium)

Author(s) : IBR , Giftopoulou Sofia (3/17/2003)
Translation : Koutras Nikolaos

For citation: IBR , Giftopoulou Sofia, "Amisos (Byzantium)",
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Αμισός (Βυζάντιο) (3/19/2008 v.1) Amisos (Byzantium) (5/27/2008 v.1) 

Chronological Table


Early and Middle Byzantine Periods: Amisos is the centre of exports of cereal to Crimea

863 (most possible): The emir of Melitene sacks Amisos

1070: The Seljuk Turks conquer Amaseia

Middle of the decade 1070: Possible settlement of Armenians from Amaseia to Amisos

11th century: Amisos is transferred from the acropolis to the coast. Peaceful co-existence between Byzantines and Turkmen

1194: Amisos becomes property of the Seljuk sultan Rukn al Din

1204: Amisos becomes a city of the Empire of Trebizond

1214: Possible occupation of Amisos by the Seljuk Turks

1233-1248: A mint begins to operate in Amisos

1285: Genoeses settle in Amisos

end of the 13th century: Amisos becomes a source of income for the Seljuk Masud Beg, subject to the Mongolians

1363: Georgios Scholares finds shelter in Amisos

1392 or 1394: Bayezid I in Amisos. The Mongols react

1400 and later: Amisos becomes the centre of the imports of cereal from Crimea

1400: The Mongols occupy Sebasteia. Possibly Armenians settle in Amisos

A little after 1400: Possible settlement of Armenians from Sebasteia in Amisos

1404: Amisos becomes a source of income for the Seljuk Mir Suleyman Celebi

1419: Amisos becomes part of the principality of Castamone

a little after 1419: Amisos becomes property of the Ottomans

1421: Three Venetian ships at the harbor of Amisos

1421: Fire destroys the city

1424: Final mention of the Genoese colony Simisso

1449: Georgios Sfrantzis shipwrecked in Samsun

1452 onwards: Decline of Amisos/ Samsun


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