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Author(s) : Krsmanović Bojana (9/11/2003)
Translation : Chrysanthopoulos Dimitrios

For citation: Krsmanović Bojana, "Dalassenoi",
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Δαλασσηνοί (7/27/2009 v.1) Dalassenoi (6/25/2010 v.1) 

Chronological Table


End of the 10th century: emergence of the Dalassenoi family

995-998: Damianos Dalassenos, patriarch of the family, serves as doux of Antioch

1024/1025: Constantine Dalassenos, son of Damianos, is appointed doux of Antioch

1028: Constantine VIII decides to marry Constantine Dalassenos to Zoe and appoint him successor to the throne but changes his decision in favor of Romanos Argyros

1030: Constantine Dalassenos takes part in the campaign of emperor Romanos III Argyros to Syria

1034: exile and incarceration of Constantine Dalassenos by John Orphanotrophos

1038/1039: systematic prosecutions of members of the Dalassenoi family by John Orphanotrophos

1041: Michael V Kalaphates forces Constantine Dalassenos to become a monk

1042: Constantine Dalassenos is a candidate for the imperial throne for a second time but empress Zoe finally chooses Constantine Monomachos

1st half of the 11th century: The Dalassenoi become relatives to the families of the Doukes and Komnenoi

1062-1063: Theodore Dalassenos is mentioned as proedros and doux of Thessaloniki and Serres

1073: Damianos Dalassenos is mentioned as doux of Skopje

1090- ca. 1093: Constantine Dalassenos, a relative of emperor Alexios I, fights against emir Tzacha as the commander of the naval forces of the empire

Beginning of the 12th century: The Dalassenoi renew their family bonds with the Komnenoi dynasty

ca. 1138: John Dalassenos bears the title of kaisaras

1143: Conspiracy of John Rogeros against Manuel I Komnenos

Beginning of the 13th century: The prestige of the Dalassenoi family begins to wane


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