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Metropolis of Miletus (Byzantium)

Author(s) : IBR , Ragia Efi (10/10/2003)
Translation : Koutras Nikolaos

For citation: IBR , Ragia Efi, "Metropolis of Miletus (Byzantium)",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Μιλήτου Μητρόπολις (12/6/2009 v.1) Metropolis of Miletus (Byzantium) (12/6/2009 v.1) 

Auxiliary Catalogues


List of hierarchs of Miletus (bishops, archbishops, metropolitans)

1. Bishops:

Kaisarios Eusebios (325)

Ambrakios (343/4)

2. Archbishops:

Hyakinthos (536-538)

John (6th c.)

George (681-692)

Epiphanios (787)

Peter (843, 847)

Ignatios (879)

Sophronios (9ος αι.)

Nikephoros (965-969;)

Michael (10ος-12ος αι.)

3. Metropolitans:

Niketas (1170)

Nikephoros (1170)

Niketas (1172)

Nikephoros (1256)

Nikandros (1256)

Nilos (1365-1369)

Lists compiled according to Fedalto, G., Hierarchia Ecclesiastica Orientalis. Series Episcoporum Ecclesiarum Christianarum Orientalium I: Patriarchates Constantinopolitanus (Padova 1988), pp. 199-200, and Ruggieri, V., "A Historical Addendum to the episcopal Lists of Caria," Revue des Etudes Byzantines 54 (1996), pp. 230, 233-234, although Ruggieri does not cite the sources for the names of his list. In our list, the representatives (locus tenens) of the bishops in the councils are included, whenever the names of bishops remain unknown.

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