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Adana (Ottoman Period)

Author(s) : Exertzoglou Charis , (9/18/2002)
Translation : Rapti Vasiliki

For citation: Exertzoglou Charis, , "Adana (Ottoman Period)",
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Άδανα (Οθωμανική Περίοδος) (2/6/2006 v.1) Adana (Ottoman Period) - to be assigned 



Communal authority consisting of the elected community officials, known as archontes (potentates), proestoi (notables), epitropoi (wardens), dimogerontes or simply gerontes (elders).

The basic grade of the Ottoman provincial administration. It included the surrounding region of a city or a town. During the late Ottoman Period it is identified with the kaymakamlık.

sancak (liva)
Medium sized unit of provincial administration of the Ottoman state, throughout its history. A subdivision of the early Ottoman eyalet (or beylerbeylik) and the later Ottoman vilayet. In the late Ottoman Period it was known also as mutasarrıflık.

vilayet (valilik)
The larger administrative unit in the Ottoman provincial administration system. The large provinces of the Ottoman Empire were previously called eyalet. The new regulation of 1864 introduced the vilayet as an equivalent of the French départment - albeit of smaller size. The governor of the vilayet was called vali and had extensive authority.


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