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Ottoman Period









Alexios Komnenos anti-Ottoman campaign 1472

Alexios Komnenos anti-Ottoman campaign 1472 - has not been published yet Εκστρατεία του Αλεξίου Κομνηνού κατά των Οθωμανών, 1472 (14/10/2005 v.1)

After the seizure of Trebizond in 1461 by the Ottomans, the Turcoman Uzun Hasan, who considered himself a legal successor of the Komnenos family, tried to recapture Trebizond. Thus in May 1472 his campaign towards Trebizond, led by a member of the family of Komnenos, started. This attempt, however, was not successful.


Asia Minor Campaign, 1919-1922

Asia Minor Campaign, 1919-1922 - to be assigned Μικρασιατική Εκστρατεία, 1919-1922 - to be assigned


Asia Minor Catastrophe

Asia Minor Catastrophe - to be assigned Μικρασιατική Καταστροφή - to be assigned


Battle at Smyrna's Headquarters, 1919

Battle at Smyrna's Headquarters, 1919 - to be assigned Μάχη του Διοικητηρίου στη Σμύρνη, 1919 - to be assigned


Battle of Kütahya 1921

Battle of Kütahya 1921 - to be assigned Μάχη Κιουτάχειας, 1921 - to be assigned


Crimean War: Consequences in the Pontus

Crimean War: Consequences in the Pontus - has not been published yet Κριμαϊκός Πόλεμος και Επιπτώσεις του στον Πόντο (14/10/2005 v.1)

The Crimean War led to the concession of Hatt-i Humayun to the subjects of the Ottoman Empire as well as to immigrations and population changes in the area of Pontos.


Destruction of Ayvalık, 1821

Destruction of Ayvalık, 1821 (8/2/2006 v.1) Καταστροφή του Αϊβαλιού, 1821 (14/10/2005 v.1)

Ayvalık was destroyed after the battle between the Greeks and the Ottomans in 1821 and was abandoned by its inhabitants, who initially moved to Psara Island and were later taken to other areas of Greece.



Destruction of Smyrna, 1922

Destruction of Smyrna, 1922 - to be assigned Καταστροφή της Σμύρνης, 1922 - to be assigned


Ethnic cleansing in Asia Minor, 1890-1924

Ethnic cleansing in Asia Minor, 1890-1924 - to be assigned Εθνοτικές Εκκαθαρίσεις στη Μ. Ασία 1890-1924 - to be assigned


Çeşme sea battle 1770

Çeşme sea battle 1770 - to be assigned Ναυμαχία Τσεσμέ, 1770 - to be assigned