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Ottoman Period





"Rempelio" Riots in Smyrna 1797

"Rempelio" Riots in Smyrna 1797 (9/2/2006 v.1) Ρεμπελιό της Σμύρνης, 1797 - has not been published yet

The ‘Rempelio of Smyrna’ or ‘Rempelio of the Janissaries’ or ‘Great Rempelio’ was one of the most violent events that happened during the co-existence of the different ethnic-religious groups of Smyrna in the 18th century. The murder of a janissary by a Christian on 4 March 1797 led to the savage looting of the ‘Frangomachalas’ (Frenk mahalasi), the quarter of the European merchants, and the massacre of thousands of Orthodox Christians by groups of janissaries.



Celali uprising, Manisa (1604-1607)

Celali uprising, Manisa (1604-1607) - to be assigned Εξεγέρσεις Τζελαλήδων (celali) στη Μαγνησία 1604-1607 - to be assigned


Celali uprisings

Celali uprisings - to be assigned Εξεγέρσεις των Τζελαλήδων (celali) στη Μικρά Ασία - to be assigned


Persecutions of Christians, Smyrna 1821

Persecutions of Christians, Smyrna 1821 - to be assigned Διωγμοί Χριστιανών στη Σμύρνη, 1821 - to be assigned


Uprising of local rulers in Sivaş (mid-17th century)

Uprising of local rulers in Sivaş (mid-17th century) - to be assigned Εξεγέρσεις Τοπαρχών στη Σεβάστεια (μέσα 17ου αι.) - to be assigned