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Antioch Patriarchate Dioceses in Asia Minor (Ottoman Period)

Antioch Patriarchate Dioceses in Asia Minor (Ottoman Period) - to be assigned Μικρασιατικές Επαρχίες του Πατριαρχείου Αντιοχείας (Οθωμανική Περίοδος) - to be assigned


Antioch Question (End 19th c.)

Antioch Question (End 19th c.) - has not been published yet Αντιοχικό Ζήτημα (τέλη 19ου αι.) (14/10/2005 v.1)

In 1898 the Patriarch of Antioch Spyridon was forced to resign after a demand of the prelates of the throne of Antioch. His resignation brought the Church of Antioch into a very deep crisis which became known as the Antioch Question. The aspects of this question were not only ecclesiastical. Notwithstanding the fact that the parties involved mostly came from the area of the church, the rapid transformation of the issue into a political one involved non ecclesiastic authorities too.


Club "Christian Youth Association", Urdu

Club "Christian Youth Association", Urdu - to be assigned Σύλλογος "Χριστιανικός Σύλλογος των Νέων", Κοτύωρα - to be assigned


Club "Eudokias", Tokat

Club "Eudokias", Tokat - to be assigned Σύλλογος "Ελληνικός Φιλεκπαιδευτικός Σύλλογος Ευδοκιάς", Τοκάτη - to be assigned


Club "Eusebeia", Smyrna

Club "Eusebeia", Smyrna - to be assigned Σύλλογος "Ευσέβεια" Σμύρνης - to be assigned


Club "Osia Xeni", Milash (Milaş)

Club "Osia Xeni", Milash (Milaş) - to be assigned Σύλλογος "Η Οσία Ξένη", Μύλασα - to be assigned


Club "St. Antypas Religious Society", Pergamos

Club "St. Antypas Religious Society", Pergamos (20/2/2006 v.1) Σύλλογος "Θρησκευτική Αδελφότης Ο Άγιος Αντύπας", Πέργαμος (14/10/2005 v.1)

Cultural club, among the most important of the area, established in Pergamos in 1908. The club promoted the local church, founded a library and financed publications.



Educational annexes of the Taxiarches monastery at Kaisareia

Educational annexes of the Taxiarches monastery at Kaisareia - to be assigned Σχολές Μονής Ταξιαρχών στην Καισάρεια - to be assigned


Metochion of the Holy Sepulchre in Smyrna

Metochion of the Holy Sepulchre in Smyrna (3/2/2006 v.1) Μετόχι του Αγίου Τάφου στη Σμύρνη (14/10/2005 v.1)

A metochion (dependency) of the Fraternal order of the Holy Sepulchre at Smyrna (İzmir), important financially and as a meeting point in the itinerary of pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land.



Pilgrimage among the Anatolian Greeks

Pilgrimage among the Anatolian Greeks - has not been published yet Χατζηλίκι στη Μ. Ασία (14/10/2005 v.1)

Chatziliki is in Greek the name of the trip to Jerusalem for the pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. It is a repeated phenomenon in a yearly basis and in the level of a settlement, fully incorporated in the collective experience of the people. It is closely linked to the preparation for the afterlife. Chatziliki concerned men and women around the whole Asia Minor.