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Bishopic of Theodosioupolis

Bishopic of Theodosioupolis  - to be assigned Θεοδοσιουπόλεως Επισκοπή - to be assigned


Bishopric of Thyateira

Bishopric of Thyateira  - to be assigned Θυατείρων Επισκοπή - to be assigned


Bishopric of Thyraia / Arkadiopolis

Bishopric of Thyraia / Arkadiopolis - to be assigned Θυραίων / Αρκαδιουπόλεως Επισκοπή - to be assigned


Diocese of Theodosiopolis

Diocese of Theodosiopolis  - to be assigned Θεοδοσιουπόλεως Μητρόπολις - to be assigned


Lampsakos Treasure

Lampsakos Treasure - to be assigned Θησαυρός Λαμψάκου - to be assigned


Religious Association "Omophrosyne", Tire

Religious Association "Omophrosyne", Tire - to be assigned Θρησκευτικόν Αναγνωστήριον "Η Ομοφροσύνη" Θειρών - to be assigned


Religious syncretism in Asia Minor

Religious syncretism in Asia Minor - to be assigned Θρησκευτικός Συγκρητισμός στη Μ. Ασία - to be assigned


School "Theologeia ekpaideuteria", Philadelpheia

School "Theologeia ekpaideuteria", Philadelpheia - to be assigned Θεολόγεια Εκπαιδευτήρια Φιλαδέλφειας - to be assigned


Thalassocracy of Miletus

Thalassocracy of Miletus - to be assigned Θαλασσοκρατία της Μιλήτου - to be assigned


Thales of Miletus

Thales of Miletus - to be assigned Θαλής ο Μιλήσιος (14/10/2005 v.1)