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Bishopric of Caunus

Bishopric of Caunus  - to be assigned Καύνου Επισκοπή - to be assigned


Bishopric of Cius

Bishopric of Cius - to be assigned Κίου Επισκοπή - to be assigned


Bishopric of Clazomenae

Bishopric of Clazomenae  - to be assigned Κλαζομενών Επισκοπή - to be assigned


Bishopric of Cnidus

Bishopric of Cnidus  - to be assigned Κνίδου Επισκοπή - to be assigned


Bishopric of Colophon

Bishopric of Colophon  (9/2/2006 v.1) Κολοφώνος Επισκοπή (14/10/2005 v.1)

In Byzantine times Colophon, to the northwest of Ephesus, was a bishopric see in the province of Asia, subjected of the metropolis of Ephesus.



Bishopric of Cyme

Bishopric of Cyme  (16/2/2006 v.1) Κύμης Επισκοπή (14/10/2005 v.1)

During the Byzantine period Cyme, a city on the west coast of Asia Minor, to the northeast of Phocaea, was the seat of a bishopric of the province of Asia, subjected to the metropolis of Ephesus.



Bishopric of Kastabala / Hieropolis

Bishopric of Kastabala / Hieropolis  - to be assigned Κασταβάλων / Ιεροπόλεως Επισκοπή - to be assigned



Cadena - to be assigned Κάδηνα (6/2/2008 v.1)


Caesarea (Antiquity)

Caesarea (Antiquity) (8/2/2006 v.1) Καισάρεια (Αρχαιότητα) (14/10/2005 v.1)

Ancient town of Cappadocia cited for the first time in the Hellenistic period. It had been the capital of the Hellenistic kingdom and later of the Roman Province of Cappadocia and the seat of an important imperial mint. During the Late Antiquity it was re-established at the site of the Byzantine Caesarea.



Caesarea (Byzantium)

Caesarea (Byzantium) - to be assigned Καισάρεια (Βυζάντιο) - to be assigned