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Province of Bithynia (Byzantium)

Author(s) : Giftopoulou Sofia (27/8/2005)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Giftopoulou Sofia, "Province of Bithynia (Byzantium)",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Βιθυνίας Επαρχία (Βυζάντιο) (10/1/2007 v.1) Province of Bithynia (Byzantium) (23/1/2007 v.1) 


Geographical Terms


The early Byzantine province of Bithynia was founded in the northwest Asia Minor in Diocletian’s time and was subordinate to the Diocese of Pontos. Its capital was Nikomedeia, where the mint of Pontos was situated. The important cities of Nikomedeia, Nicaea and Chalcedon became early on ecclesiastical metropolises. Bithynia was the scene of military operations during the revolts of Prokopios, Marcian and Artabasdos and was ransacked by the Persians and the Arabs. In the middle Byzantine period the province of Bithynia was divided between the Opsikion and the Optimatoi theme.

Administrative Dependence

Diocese of Pontos, Opsikion theme, Optimatoi theme.

Historical Region

Bithynia and Pontus

Geographical Location

Northwest Asia Minor


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