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Theodora Raoulaina

Author(s) : Katsiampoura Yanna (1/8/2002)
Translation : Koutras Nikolaos

For citation: Katsiampoura Yanna, "Theodora Raoulaina",
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Θεοδώρα Ραούλαινα (22/5/2008 v.1) Theodora Raoulaina (22/5/2008 v.1) 




Member of the nobility during the Palaiologan period, born in around 1240 in the Empire of Nicaea; died in 1300 in Constantinople. She was a person of varied interests: an author and member of the closed circle of scholars of the Palaiologan Renaissance, she maintained a book-copying workshop in the monastery of St Andrew which she had restored, while she also participated actively in the political and ecclesiastical debates of her time.

Main Role


Date and Place of Death

1300, Constantinople

Date and Place of Birth

c. 1240, Empire of Nicaea

Other Names

Theodora Komnene Kantakouzene Palaiologina Raoulaina, Theodora Kantakouzene Palaiologina Raoulaina, Theodora Kantakouzene, Theodora Komnene Kantakouzene


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