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Earthquake at the region of Çorum, 1794

Author(s) : Shariat-Panahi S. Mohammad T. (3/1/2002)
Translation : Nakas Ioannis

For citation: Shariat-Panahi S. Mohammad T., "Earthquake at the region of Çorum, 1794",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
URL: <http://www.ehw.gr/l.aspx?id=12062>

Σεισμός στην περιοχή του Τσόρουμ, 1794 (12/20/2008 v.1) Earthquake at the region of Çorum, 1794 (4/23/2009 v.1) 

1. The earthquake

On the 18th July 1794 an earthquake occurred at the city of Çorum causing great destructions. The mosques, the castle, the public baths and the houses were annihilated. Many people were killed, whereas the survivors dwelled in open spaces outside the city.

2. Consequences

Due to the destructions the inhabitants asked to be exempted from the taxes. Finally a three-year tax exemption from certain taxes was offered to them. Over 800 people abandoned the city and moved to other places. More than a decade later only part of the repairs had been completed.

It is reported that the earthquake was felt at the regions of Amasya, Prousa (Bursa) and in Constantinople (Istanbul).


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