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Nikephoros Melissenos

Author(s) : Nikolia Dimitra (10/17/2003)
Translation : Chrysanthopoulos Dimitrios

For citation: Nikolia Dimitra, "Nikephoros Melissenos",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
URL: <http://www.ehw.gr/l.aspx?id=12566>

Νικηφόρος Μελισσηνός (7/7/2009 v.1) Nikephoros Melissenos (7/7/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table


ca. 1045: Birth of Nikephoros Melissenos

prior to 1067: Nikephoros Melissenos is married to Eudokia Komnene

autumn of 1070: Nikephoros Melissenos is captured by the Seljuks

October 1077 - spring of 1078: Nikephoros Melissenos opposes the rebel Nikephoros Botaneiates. Presumable exile of Nikephoros Melissenos to Kos

autumn of 1080: Rebellion of Nikephoros Melissenos in Asia Minor

February 1081: Nikephoros Melissenos is proclaimed emperor in Nicaea. Rebellion of Alexios Komnenos

March - April 1081: Nikephoros Melissenos sends an embassy to Alexios Komnenos. Compromise between the two rebels. Nikephoros Melissenos receives the title of caesar

April 1081: End of the rebellion of Nikephoros Melissenos

1081-1091: Nikephoros Melissenos fights in the various campaigns of Alexios I Komnenos against the Normans and the Pechenegs

1094: Nikephoros Melissenos participates in a family council of the Komnenoi, in which he accuses John Komnenos, the nephew of the emperor, of rebellion

November 17th, 1104: Death of Nikephoros Melissenos


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