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Rebellion of Bardas Skleros, 976 - 979

Author(s) : Stouraitis Ioannis (12/10/2003)
Translation : Koutras Nikolaos

For citation: Stouraitis Ioannis, "Rebellion of Bardas Skleros, 976 - 979",
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Στάση Βάρδα Σκληρού, 976 - 979 (2/15/2011 v.1) Rebellion of Bardas Skleros, 976 - 979 (2/21/2011 v.1) 

Chronological Table


early January 976: John I Tzimiskes passes away. Basil II and Constantine VIII come to power. Bardas Skleros becomes doukas of Mesopotamia

late spring of 976: Bardas Skleros rebels in Harput of Mesopotamia and is declared emperor by his troops

fall of 976: A contingent of the rebel army is defeated by the imperial forces at the area of Koukou Lithos. The rebels are victorious in the battle of Lapara

summer of 977: The rebels defeat the imperial forces in the area of Oxylithos

fall of 977: Bardas Skleros defeats the imperial forces in the battle at the area of Rageai

early 978: The city of Nicaea is sacked by Bardas Skleros. Basil Lakapenos recalls Bardas Phokas from exile

June 19, 978: Battle at Pangaleia between the imperial forces under Bardas Phokas and the rebel army under Bardas Skleros. Phokas is defeated

fall of 978: Bardas Skleros defeats Phokas again at the area of Basilika Therma

March 24, 979: Bardas Skleros is defeated by Bardas Phokas in the theme of Charsianon. Suppression of the rebellion

late 979: The last of the rebels in the Thracesian theme capitulate

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