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Riot of the Statues, Antioch, 387

Author(s) : Giftopoulou Sofia (1/28/2005)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Giftopoulou Sofia, "Riot of the Statues, Antioch, 387",
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Στάση Κατοίκων Αντιοχείας (Εξέγερση των Ανδριάντων), 387 (2/15/2006 v.1) Riot of the Statues, Antioch, 387 (2/21/2006 v.1) 

Chronological Table


January 387: Theodosius I issues a decree imposing a special levy on the citizens of Antioch.

February 387: The decree is read out before the curiales of Antioch. The Antiocheans complain and resort to violence against the symbols of the imperial power; they set the house of a curialis on fire. The riot is suppressed by the comes Orientis, citizens are arrested, stand a trial and get sentenced to death. They are executed and Antioch is deprived of its privileges; the curiales are arrested. The delegates of Theodosius I arrive to make inquiries (Caesarius and Hellebichus); monks and anchorites arrive in the city (Macedonius). The bishop of Antioch Flavian arrives to Constantinople.

1321 March (?) 387: Caesarius returns to Constantinople

21 March (?) 387: Desicion of Theodosius I; amnesty for the Antiocheans, the privileges of the city restored.

after Easter 387: Massive Christianisation of pagan Antiocheans.

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