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Alexandros Rizos Rangavis

Alexandros Rizos Rangavis - to be assigned Αλέξανδρος Ρίζος Ραγκαβής - to be assigned


Athanasios Tsakalof

Athanasios Tsakalof (2/5/2007 v.1) Αθανάσιος Τσακάλωφ (17/4/2007 v.1)

A merchant from Ioannina, Tsakalof was one of the leading figures of the Society of Friends (Filiki Etaireia). After determined society activity in Paris, he participated in the founding of the Etaireia in Odessa; this was followed by intense conspiratorial actions and his descent to the rebelled Greek area. He ended up in Moscow where he died.



Daniil Filippidis

Daniil Filippidis (5/9/2007 v.1) Δανιήλ Φιλιππίδης (5/9/2007 v.1)

Important scholar of the Greek Enlightenment. He taught at the Principality Academy in Iaşi (Jassy) and published numerous books, both monographs on the history and geography of Romania and Europe in general, and many translations of scientific and philosophical texts.



Dimitrios Inglesis

Dimitrios Inglesis (2/5/2007 v.1) Δημήτριος Ιγγλέσης (17/4/2007 v.1)

Greek merchant born in Kefalonia, a public figure of Odessa. He was the mayor of the city between 1818 and 1821.



Dimitrios Kokkinakis

Dimitrios Kokkinakis - to be assigned Δημήτριος Κοκκινάκης - to be assigned


Dimitrios Palaiologos

Dimitrios Palaiologos - to be assigned Δημήτριος Παλαιολόγος - to be assigned


Eleni Sarantova

Eleni Sarantova (5/9/2007 v.1) Ελένη Σαραντόβα (5/9/2007 v.1)

The Captain of the Greek female Company of the Amazons, which was formed at the time of the tour of Catherine the Great in southern Russia and the Crimea.



Embirikos Andreas

Embirikos Andreas - to be assigned Εμπειρίκος Ανδρέας - to be assigned


Emmanouil Xanthos

Emmanouil Xanthos - has not been published yet Εμμανουήλ Ξάνθος (17/4/2007 v.1)

Emmanuil Xanthos, a merchant from Patmos, played a leading part in the founding and development of the Filiki Etaireia although his role was doubted both by his contemporaries and later generations. He was the person who initially approached Ioannis Kapodistrias in order to take on the leadership of the Society and later Alexandros Ypsilantis. His memoirs form one of the basic sources on the Filiki Etaireia.


Georgios Gennadios

Georgios Gennadios - has not been published yet Γεώργιος Γεννάδιος (17/4/2007 v.1)

Georgios A. Gennadios (1786-12 November 1854) was born in Silyvria in Thrace and died in Athens. He was a scholar and important teacher.