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Danielopoulos family

Danielopoulos family (2/5/2007 v.1) Δανιηλοπούλου οικογένεια (23/4/2007 v.1)

Merchant family of diaspora Greeks located in Vasiliko (Tsarevo). Its founder was Christos Danielopoulos, who got involved in exports. From the late 19th century, the family moved from Vasiliko to Russia, then to Romania, to finally settle in Greece in the middle of the 20th century. Its main entrepreneurial activities were in Romania with the establishment of the colonial trade company Danielopoulos Bros, which was founded in 1814 in Constanţa and dissolved in 1948.



Daniil Filippidis

Daniil Filippidis (5/9/2007 v.1) Δανιήλ Φιλιππίδης (5/9/2007 v.1)

Important scholar of the Greek Enlightenment. He taught at the Principality Academy in Iaşi (Jassy) and published numerous books, both monographs on the history and geography of Romania and Europe in general, and many translations of scientific and philosophical texts.



Danube European Committee

Danube European Committee - has not been published yet Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή Δουνάβεως (5/9/2007 v.1)

The European Danube Commission (Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή Δουνάβεως, Commission Européenne du Danube) was established in 1856, following the decision of the Paris Convention, in order to see to the carrying out of the major works at the mouth of the river (Sulina). Apart from the dredging of the mouth, the commission constructed a large port in the city of Sulina as well as a hospital. After the Second World War the commission was dissolved.



Debeltos - to be assigned Δεβελτός - has not been published yet


Dimitrios Inglesis

Dimitrios Inglesis (2/5/2007 v.1) Δημήτριος Ιγγλέσης (17/4/2007 v.1)

Greek merchant born in Kefalonia, a public figure of Odessa. He was the mayor of the city between 1818 and 1821.



Dimitrios Kokkinakis

Dimitrios Kokkinakis - to be assigned Δημήτριος Κοκκινάκης - to be assigned


Dimitrios Palaiologos

Dimitrios Palaiologos - to be assigned Δημήτριος Παλαιολόγος - to be assigned



Dinogetia - to be assigned Δινογέτεια - to be assigned


Diocese of Agathoupolis

Diocese of Agathoupolis - to be assigned Αγαθουπόλεως μητρόπολη - to be assigned


Diocese of Anchialos

Diocese of Anchialos (5/9/2007 v.1) Αγχιάλου μητρόπολη (5/9/2007 v.1)

One of the most important dioceses of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the Thrace and Bulgaria area. Apart from the town of Anchialos (Pomorie), under its jurisdiction were numerous villages and the large harbour of Pyrgos (Burgas). Greek education in the area was particularly developed.