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Taiganio (Taganrog)

Taiganio (Taganrog) - to be assigned Ταϊγάνιο (Ταϊγκανρόκ) - to be assigned



Tamatracha - has not been published yet Tamatracha (Tmutorokan, Tmutarakan) - has not been published yet Μάτραχα (2/7/2008 v.1)

Tamatracha est située sur la péninsule de Taman, à l’entrée de la mer Azov, sur le site de Germonassa de l’époque classique. Le centre de la principauté russe et de l’éparchie du patriarchat constantinopolitain, la ville présente dans les sources écrites entre la fin du VIIIe et le XIVe s. Les fouilles ont découvert les couches d’habitation des Khazares (VIIIe-Xe s.), de Tmutarakan russe (XI-e-XIIe s.) et de l’époque de la domination génois (XIIIe-XIVe s.)



Tanais (18/4/2007 v.1) Τάναϊς (26/3/2007 v.1)

Tanais is one of the most important ancient centres of the northern Black Sea, outstanding both due to its geographical location as well as for the peculiar conditions under which it was founded and grew. One of the determining features is that it was located at the nodal point were three peoples met: the Scythians, the Maeotians and the Sarmatians; it was also built at a great distance from the other centres of the Kingdom of Bosporus. The ancient author Strabo preserves a wealth of...




Tatars - has not been published yet Τάταροι - to be assigned

A Muslim Turkish speaking ethnos (ethnic group), originating in Crimea, it also settled in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Central Asia, Western Europe, and North America.


Terracottae in the Black Sea area

Terracottae in the Black Sea area - to be assigned Πηλοπλαστική στον Εύξεινο Πόντο - to be assigned


The Region of Dobrudja from the Middle Ages to the end of Ottoman Rule

The Region of Dobrudja from the Middle Ages to the end of Ottoman Rule (3/3/2008 v.1) Περιοχή της Δοβρουτζάς από τους Μέσους Χρόνους ως το τέλος της οθωμανικής κυριαρχίας - to be assigned

The Ottoman military operations for the conquest of Dobrudja extended from 1388 to 1484; but it was in the early sixteenth century when the Ottoman-Turks managed to establish effective political control in the region. During the Ottoman rule, Dobrudja had a mixed population of Muslims, Romanians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews and other ethnic groups. Dobrudja was incorporated into Romania in 1878.



Theatre at the Balkan coast of the Black Sea

Theatre at the Balkan coast of the Black Sea - to be assigned Θέατρο στα βαλκανικά παράλια του Ευξείνου Πόντου - to be assigned


Theatre in Odessa

Theatre in Odessa - has not been published yet Θέατρο στην Οδησσό (17/4/2007 v.1)

Odessa was one of the major centres of the Greek theatrical life, during the period before the Greek Revolution of Independence (1821). This assumption rests on the activities of a significant theatrical company and on the enactment of several noteworthy plays, which were also important for their ideological background and connection to the movement of the ‘Greek Enlightenment’. During the years after the Greek Revolution, the theatrical activities continued thanks to amateur theatrical...


Theme of Cherson (Klimata)

Theme of Cherson (Klimata) (4/12/2007 v.1) Χερσώνος θέμα (Κλίματα) (4/12/2007 v.1)

The theme of Cherson was founded around 840, in order to become a stronghold of the Byzantine Empire at the Taurian peninsula. Contrary to other Byzantine themes, it kept a relative autonomy in relation to the central authority. Initially its territories were confined to the SW Crimea, but at the beginnings of the 11th century the Byzantine rule temporarily expanded eastwards. In the 13th century a part of the theme’s territories passed under the control of the Empire of Trebizond.



Theme of Paristrion

Theme of Paristrion - to be assigned Θέμα Παρίστριον - to be assigned