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Chersonesus Taurica (Antiquity)

Author(s) : Kovalenko Sergei (12/19/2007)

For citation: Kovalenko Sergei, "Chersonesus Taurica (Antiquity)", 2007,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Black Sea
URL: <http://www.ehw.gr/l.aspx?id=10741>

Chersonesus Taurica (Antiquity) (11/17/2008 v.1) Χερσόνησος Ταυρική (Αρχαιότητα) (7/18/2011 v.1) 



Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Texas
(Last visit: 21/5/2008)
Official website of the Institute of Classical Archaeology-University of Texas at Austin that explores the territory and urban area of ancient Chersonesos in Crimea, Ukraine.


(Last visit: 19/11/2008)
Epigraphical database of the Northern Shores of the Black Sea. It contains three sections of inscriptions related to Chersonesos.

National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, Sevastopol
Studio ArchaeoPOLIS
(Last visit: 17/7/2008)
Site of the archaeological park of Tauric Chersonesos containing information about the monuments, the environment, the excavations etc.

The Chora of Tauric Chersonesos and the Cadastre of the 4th-2nd Century BC
Nikolaenko, G.M.
(Last visit: 21/7/2008)
Scientific publication on the Chora of the Tauric Chersonesos in Hellenistic times.


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