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Archaic Greek pottery in the Black Sea region

Author(s) : Bouzek Jan (8/16/2008)

For citation: Bouzek Jan, "Archaic Greek pottery in the Black Sea region", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Black Sea
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Archaic Greek pottery in the Black Sea region (1/11/2008 v.1) Αρχαϊκή ελληνική κεραμική στην περιοχή του Ευξείνου Πόντου (11/24/2011 v.1) 



1. talent, the, 2. ingot, the
1. Numismatic weight measurement. A silver talent was equal to 60 mnai or 6000 drachmas.2. A block of metal that is cast in a standard shape for convenient storage or shipment.

alabastron, the
A vessel for holding perfume oil.

amphora, the
from the greek words "αμφί"(on both sides) and "φέρω" (carry): vessel with long ovoid body and a considerably narrower neck made in various sizes from the smaller perfume oil container to the large storage receivers of liquids and solids. It stands on a small foot and it bears two invariable vertical handles on either side. Some of the distinguished types of the amphorae are these whose lower part is tapering to the point (narrow bottomed), the neck type, the Nicosthenian, the Nola, the Panathenaic, the Tyrrhenian, the SOS type.

aryballos, the
A flask for holding perfume oil of a spherical or globular shape.

chalyx, the
drinking vessel from Chios. Type of kylix with a tall rim.

chora, the
The agricultural land (including villages and land-plots) belonging to a polis. It was bounded with the polis on an administrative and economic basis.

dinos, lebes, the
Another name for lebes. Big, open, semisherical vessel without handles and very low neck. It bears no foot and it was used for mixing wine with water and as a prize. When it was standing on a high stand and had two tall vertical handles disposed on a tall neck and a mouth covered with a lid, it was called "lebes gamikos" and was used for marriage rituals.

emporion, the
Places where trade was conducted, usually small settlements of urban character on the borders or along the coasts and the commercial routes. With the same term are characterized the trade districts, the markets outside the walls of a city and/or settlements being themselves trade centers.

phiale, the
A (metal, rarely clay) shallow vessel with an open rim. Used primarily in libations.

pyxis, the
Small vessel with a lid. Women kept inside cosmetics or jewels. It bears no handles except for the skyphoid pyxis of Sicily.

rhyton, the
libation vessel with an outlet at the bottom of the vessel allowing the slow outflow of the liquid.

rosette, the
An ornament with a generally circular combination of parts resembling a flower or plant.


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