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Roman Catholics in Constantinople

Author(s) : Dursteller Eric (13/3/2008)

For citation: Dursteller Eric , "Roman Catholics in Constantinople", 2008,
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Roman Catholics in Constantinople (20/4/2010 v.1) Καθολικοί στην Κωνσταντινούπολη (31/8/2010 v.1) 




The situation of the Latin-rite community changed dramatically at the final Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453. Many of the Latin-rite inhabitants of Ottoman Istanbul fled both before and after its fall, however, a core group of families remained. If the first three Ottoman centuries were characterized by a certain level of stasis, the nineteenth century brought significant change to Istanbul’s Roman Catholics. There was remarkable growth in the community by immigrants and refugees from Europe, as well as by Armenians and other eastern Christians who continued to convert in relatively small numbers.

Geographical Location

Constantinople / Istanbul


15th-20th century


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