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Heraclian dynasty (610-711)

Author(s) : Dale de Lee Benjamin (7/1/2008)

For citation: Dale de Lee Benjamin , "Heraclian dynasty (610-711)", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Heraclian dynasty (610-711) (7/20/2009 v.1) Ηρακλειδών δυναστεία (610-711) (2/20/2012 v.1) 

Chronological Table


608: Revolt of Herakleios at Carthago

610: Accession of Herakleios (610-641)

614: Fall of Jerusalem to the Sassanids

616: Sassanid invasion in Egypt

622: Hegira (migration of Muhammad to Medina)

626: Siege of Constantinople by the Avars

627: Victory of Herakleios over the Sassanids at Nineveh

628: Peace treaty with the Sassanid Empire

630: The Holy Cross is taken back to Constantinople

632: Death of Muhammad

636: Battle at Yarmuk

638: Fall of Jerusalem to the Arabs. Herakleios issues his Ekthesis, adopting Monotheletism in an effort to reconcile with the Non-Chalcedonians.

640: Arab conquest of Egypt

February-May 641: Constantine III, Heraklonas

May-September 641: Heraklonas

641-668: Constans II

646: Councils in North Africa condemn Monotheletism, on the initiative of Maximos the Confessor

647: Arab invasion in Asia Minor

648: Constans II issues his Typos to settle the dispute over Monotheletism

649: Coucil of Lateran, presided by pope Martin I, condemn both Herakleios's Ekthesis and Constans II's Typos

668: Murder of Constans II. Accession of Constantine IV Pogonatos

671-8: Arab siege of Constantinople

ca. 680: Foundation of the first Bulgarian state upon the formerly Byzantine territories to the south of Danube

680-1: Sixth Ecumenical Council (Constantinople). Monotheletism and imperial writings and policies in its favour are definitely condemned.

685: Accession of Justinian II (685-695)

688-9: Campaign to Thessalonike

692-3: Defeat of Justinian II by the Arabs at Sebastopolis

695: Justinian II deposed by Leontios (695-698)

697: The Arabs briefly occupy Carthago

698-705: Tiberios III Apsimaros

700: Arab invasion in Armenia

705: Justinian II regains the throne (705-711)

707-8: Arad occupation of Tyana

711: Revolt of the fleet. Bardanes Philippikos is proclaimed Emperor in Constantinople. End of the Heraclian dynasty


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