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Anti-Greek riots of September 1955 in Constantinople (Istanbul)

Author(s) : Benlisoy Foti (14/3/2008)
Translation : Rapti Vasiliki

For citation: Benlisoy Foti, "Anti-Greek riots of September 1955 in Constantinople (Istanbul)",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Σεπτεμβριανά του 1955 (12/12/2008 v.1) Anti-Greek riots of September 1955 in Constantinople (Istanbul) (16/12/2008 v.1) 




The attacks against the Constantinopolitan Greeks in September 1955 took place in the context formed by the tension in the Greek-Turkish relations in the middle of ’50s. The nationalistic outburst in Turkey because of the Cypriot question had already formed an explosive situation in Constantinople, which deteriorated after the news about the attack on the consulate of Turkey in Thessaloniki. Nowadays, almost all the researchers agree that the following extensive assaults begun on government’s initiative and they were organized in collaboration with the secret police.

Geographical Location

Constantinople / Istanbul


September 1955


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