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Doukid dynasty (1059-1081)

Author(s) : Stankovic Vlada (10/17/2008)
Translation : Loumakis Spyridon

For citation: Stankovic Vlada, "Doukid dynasty (1059-1081)",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Δουκών δυναστεία (1059-1081) (3/11/2011 v.1) Doukid dynasty (1059-1081) (3/29/2011 v.1) 

Chronological Table


1057: The brothers Constantine and John Doukas supported the uprising and the accession of Isaak I Komnenos to the throne. Constantine Doukas gains the title of proedros

November 1059: Isaak I resigns from the throne. Accession of Constantine X Doukas. John Doukas becomes caesar.

23 April 1061: Conspiracy against Constantine X Doukas at Constantinople exposed by John Doukas

1064-5: The Uzes raid and plunder Balkan territories

1064: The Seljuks take Ani and expand over Asia Minor in the followinf years

Summer 1066: riot in northern Greece

May 1067: Constantine X Doukas succumbs to his illness

1st January 1068: Coronation of Romanos IV Diogenes, who had married Constantine’s X widow, Eudokia Makrembolitissa

1071: Disaster for the Byzantine troops at Mantzikert. Romanos IV is taken prisoner by the Seljuks. Coup d’ état at Constantinople. Michael VII Doukas as sole emperor

1074-5: Revolt of Roussel de Bailleul, leader of the Norman mercenaries

1077: Revolt of Nikephoros Botaneiates at Durrhachion

March 1078: Michael VII resigns and is tonsured a monk. Nikephoros III Botaneiates crowned emperor in Constantinople. He marries Michael’s VII wife, Maria of Alania


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