Andronikos II Grand Komnenos

1. Andronikos II Grand Komnenos

Andronikos Grand Komnenos, the later Andronikos II, was born c. 1236 in the city of Trebizond. He was the first-born son of Manuel I Grand Komnenos (1238-1263) and Anna Xylaloe, a descendant of the local Trebizond aristocracy. He was also the half-brother of the future emperors of Trebizond Georgios (1266-1280), John II (1280-1285/1287-1297) and Theodora (1285-1287); he had a further two half-brothers whose names have not been preserved.

In 1263 he succeeded his father in the throne of Trebizond, where he remained until his death in 1266. The only known fact about his reign is that during it the Empire of Trebizond continued developing into a significant trade power.1

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