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Electrum Coins

Author(s) : Katsari Konstantina (2/20/2003)
Translation : Panourgia Klio (6/12/2008)

For citation: Katsari Konstantina, "Electrum Coins", 2008,
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griffin, the
Α legendary creature of eastern provenance with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.

The face of the coin which bears the more important device. Due to ambiguities that sometimes exist, many numismatists prefer to use the term for the side struck by the lower (anvil) die.

The back view of a coin where the issuing authority is usually inscribed.

stater, the
The term "stater" was used in various areas of the ancient Greek world to define either a standard weight unit or the most important coin in precious metal (gold, silver, electrum) of a numismatic system. The dead weight and accordingly the value of a stater differed from one area to another and it was based on the weight standard effective in the various cities. Therefore, it was necessary each standard to be defined by the authority that issued it (e.g. Aeginetan, Attic, Boeotian, Corinthian).


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