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Alexios III Grand Komnenos

Author(s) : Vougiouklaki Penelope (24/10/2003)
Translation : Andriopoulou Vera

For citation: Vougiouklaki Penelope, "Alexios III Grand Komnenos",
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Αλέξιος Γ΄ Μέγας Κομνηνός (27/5/2008 v.1) Alexios III Grand Komnenos (2/2/2009 v.1) 




Member of the dynasty of the Grand Komnenoi and emperor of Trebizond (1349/50-1390). Alexios III Grand Komnenos rose to the throne after a long period of exile in Constantinople. The first year of his reign were marked by rebellions and conspiracies. He was confronted with a number of external threats, such as the Turcoman attacks, which he successfully handled with his intermarriage policy, and the rivalry between the Genoese and Venetian merchants. He died in 20 March 1390.

Main Role

Emperor of Trebizond (1349/50-1390)

Date and Place of Death

March 20, 1390, Trebizond

Date and Place of Birth

October 5, 1338, Trebizond

Other Names

John Komnenos, Kaloioannes, Grand Komnenos, Komnenos Alexios III, Angelos Doukas


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