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Arethas of Caesarea

Author(s) : Stankovic Vlada (5/11/2003)
Translation : Panourgia Klio

For citation: Stankovic Vlada, "Arethas of Caesarea",
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Αρέθας Καισαρείας (27/3/2008 v.1) Arethas of Caesarea (2/7/2008 v.1) 




Arethas Patreus, the subsequent metropolitan of Caesarea, was one of the most important figures of the great intellectual flourishing of Byzantium after the end of Iconoclasm in the 9th century (843), which is often referred to as the "Macedonian Renaissance". His extensive efforts in transcribing and publishing the works of ancient authors, his education, as well as his political activity make him one of the most outstanding figures of the transitional phase between the 9th and the 10th century, a period marked by the unrest that the dispute over emperor Leo VI's fourth marriage had triggered.

Main Role

Metropolitan of Caesarea, Protothronos 902/903-932 (?)

Date and Place of Death

after 932, Constantinople (?)

Date and Place of Birth

first half of the 9th century or a little later, Patra

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