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Macrianus I, Macrianus II and Quietus

Author(s) : Zachos Georgios (19/2/2003)
Translation : Nakas Ioannis (19/5/2008)

For citation: Zachos Georgios, "Macrianus I, Macrianus II and Quietus", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Μακριανός Α΄, Μακριανός Β΄ και Κύητος (1/4/2008 v.1) Macrianus I, Macrianus II and Quietus (13/7/2008 v.1) 




Macrianus I was a dignitary in Egypt (257/258 AD) and in the Persian campaign of Valerian (259-260 AD). He also repelled the Persian invasion in Asia Minor in 260 AD. He was the father of Macrianus II and Quietus, emperors of the East (260-261 AD). All of them were murdered, the first two at Illyricum and the third in Emesa of Syria in 261 AD, after the suppression of their mutiny.

Main Role

Macrianus I: 261 rationibus Augusti (responsible for the collection of taxes), Procurator arcae et praepositus annonae (responsible for the money and the food provisioning)Macrianus II: emperor of the East Quietus: Emperor of the East

Date and Place of Death

Macrianus I: 261 AD-Illyricum, Macrianus II: 261 AD-Illyricum, Quietus: 261 AD-Emesa of Syria

Date and Place of Birth

Macrianus I: around 200 AD, Macrianus II: around 225 AD, Quietus: around 225 AD

Other Names

Macrianus I: Titus Fulvius, Macrianus II: Titus Fulvius Junius, Quietus: Titus Fulvius Junius


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