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Göreme (Korama), Church 29, Kılıçlar Kilisesi, Wall painting

Author(s) : Vasiliou Anastasia (16/10/2003)
Translation : Loumakis Spyridon

For citation: Vasiliou Anastasia, "Göreme (Korama), Church 29, Kılıçlar Kilisesi, Wall painting",
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Κόραμα, Ναός 29, Κιλιτσλάρ Κιλισεσί, Ζωγραφικός Διάκοσμος (26/1/2012 v.1) Göreme (Korama), Church 29, Kılıçlar Kilisesi, Wall painting (26/1/2012 v.1) 




The wall paintings in the church of Kiliçlar is the work of a local workshop and of good quality in general. Its iconographic program belongs to the "archaic group" of decorative programs with a significantly wide cycle of Infancy and Passion of Christ. However, a number of innovative elements point towards a late date of the church, in the final stages of this group, that is to the second quarter or the middle of the 10th century.

Geographical Location

Cappadocia, Göreme valley, mod. Göreme Vadisi, central Turkey


First half of 10th c. (main phase of the wall paintings) / first half of 11th c. (portraits of the donors of the main church, wall-paintings of the chapel)


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