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Author(s) : Kamara Afroditi (2/5/2007)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Kamara Afroditi, "Libanius",
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Λιβάνιος (3/30/2007 v.1) Libanius (2/21/2006 v.1) 

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The first attempt for the publication of the complete survived works of Libanios was made by the German scholar Richard Förster in 9 volumes in the 1910s and 1920s. This work is still the reference point for the works of Libanios, although the absence of translation soon made students in England, France and other countries translate selected parts of this extensive work. The publications of the greatest part of his work are included in the following titles:

▪ Reiske, J.J. (edit.), Libanii Sophistae Orationes et Declamationes, 4 v. (Altenburg 1791) [with information about manuscripts and previous publications]

▪ Förster, R., Libanii Opera, 9 v. (Leipzig, Teubner, 1913-1927 [with information about manuscripts and previous publications]

▪ Libanius, Autobiography and selected letters, 2 v., A. F. Norman (edit.) (London 1965)

▪ Libanius, Selected works, 3 v., A. F. Norman (edit.) (London 1969-1974)

Moreover, there are independent publications of his orations as well, such as:

- Libanius, Discours sur les patronages, (ed.) P. Harmand (Paris 1955)

- Hugi, L. (edit.), Der Antiochikos des Libanios (Solothourn „Union“ 1919)

- Norman, A.F., Antioch as a center for Hellenic Culture as observed by Libanius (Liverpool 2000)


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