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Palaeologan Dynasty (1259-1453)

Author(s) : Radic Radivoj (6/8/2003)
Translation : Loumakis Spyridon

For citation: Radic Radivoj, "Palaeologan Dynasty (1259-1453)",
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Παλαιολόγεια δυναστεία (1259-1453) (1/26/2012 v.1) Palaeologan Dynasty (1259-1453) (1/26/2012 v.1) 

Chronological Table


Second half of the 11th century: The first known Palaiologos (progenitor of the family?) Nikephoros

12th century: The Palaiologoi undertake high-ranking military offices.

After 1204: Illustrious aristocratic family of the Empire of Nicaea

1258: Rise of Michael Palaiologos

1259: Michael Palaiologos proclaimed emperor

1261: Restoration of the Byzantine Empire

1274: Council of Lyon for the union of the Churches

1321-1238: Civil war between Andronikos II and Andronikos III

1341-1347: Victory of John VI Kantakouzenos in the civil war

1352-1354: Victory of John V Palaiologos over John VI Kantakouzenos

1357: Matthew Kantakouzenos resignes from the throne of Constantinople

After 1371: Byzantium as vassal state to the Ottoman Empire

1373-1379: Conflict between John V and Andronikos IV

1381: Family agreement for the succession on the throne

1382: The Palaiologoi resume power in the Peloponnese from the Kantakouzenoi

1402: Battle of Ancyra and release from the state of vassalage

1424: Byzantium becomes obliged again to pay tribute to the Turks

1439: Council of Ferrara-Florence for the union of the Churches

1453: Fall of Constantinople

1460: The Ottomans occupy the Byzantine territories of Morea


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