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Argyros (Argyropoulos) Family

Author(s) : Krsmanović Bojana (9/11/2003)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Krsmanović Bojana, "Argyros (Argyropoulos) Family",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Αργυροί (Αργυρόπουλοι) (4/1/2009 v.1) Argyros (Argyropoulos) Family (6/24/2010 v.1) 

Chronological Table


mid-9th c.: First mention of the Argyros lineage from the theme of Charsianon, Asia Minor

reign of Michael III (842867): Leo Argyros, founder of the monastery of St Elisabeth in the theme of Charsianon, holds high military positions

reign of Leo VI (886912): Eustathios Argyros becomes strategos of the theme of Anatolikon and holds high offices

c. 907: Eustathios Argyros, the son of Leo Argyros, becomes strategos of the theme of Charsianon

c. 908: Eustathios Argyros is awarded the title of magistros and is appointed droungarios of the vigla

first half of the 10th c.: Two sons of Eustathios Argyros, Pothos and Leo, among other offices they held, are also appointed to the position of domestikos ton scholon

921: Romanos Argyros gets married to Agathe, the daughter of Romanos I Lekapenos (920‑944)

944: Marianos Argyros participates in the conspiracy staged by the sons of Romanos I Lekapenos to overthrow their father

945: Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus (913‑959) appoints Marianos Argyros komes tou stavlou

959: Marianos Argyros in head of the army of the West

963: Marianos Argyros resists the usurper Nikephoros Phokas, the subsequent Nikephoros II (963‑969), and dies because of the wounds he suffered during the conflicts of August 16, 963

August 16, 963: Nikephoros Phokas is crowned at Hagia Sophia

reign of Basil II (9761025): Pulcheria Argyropoulina, the sister of the subsequent Emperor Romanos III, marries Basil Skleros, the grandson of the usurper Bardas Skleros

late 10th or early 11th c.: The sister of Romanos III marries Constantine Karantinos

1028: The prefect of Constantinople Romanos Argyros is appointed successor of Constantine VII (1025‑1028). He also marries Zoe Porphyrogeniti, of the Macedonian dynasty.

10281034: Reign of Romanos III Argyros

April 1034: Romanos III dies in his bath under mysterious circumstances

mid-11th c.: A niece of Romanos III marries Constantine Diogenes, the father of Romanos IV (1068‑1071)

1057: Two sons of Basil Argyros, the brother of Romanos III, who are reported among the ruling class of the theme of Anatolikon, join the usurper Isaac Komnenos

before 1077: Possible betrothal or marriage between an offspring of the Argyros family and Alexios Komnenos

late 11th c.: The Argyros lineage gradually declines

14th‑15th c.: It is not possible to decide whether certain people living in the western part of the Byzantine Empire under the name Argyros have any relation to the Argyros family of Charsianon

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