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Assos (Antiquity)

Author(s) : Paleothodoros Dimitris , Mechtidis Petros (6/28/2005)
Translation : Korka Archonti

For citation: Paleothodoros Dimitris, Mechtidis Petros, "Assos (Antiquity)",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Άσσος (Αρχαιότητα) (1/29/2007 v.1) Assos (Antiquity) (2/15/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table


700 BC: Foundation of Assos by Lesbians from Methymna.

first half of the 6th c. BC: The city under Lydian control.

c. 545 BC: Assos under Persian control.

525 BC: Construction of the Doric temple of Athena.

478 BC: Assos joins the Athenian League.

412 BC: Assos defects from the Athenian League and comes under Persian control.

387 BC: Antalcidas' Peace. Assos belongs to the Persian Empire.

366/365 BC: The mutineer satrap of the Hellespontic Phrygia, Ariobarzanes, is besieged at Assos by Autophradates and Mausolus.

360-348 BC: Independent kingdom of Eubulus.

348-345 BC: Hermeias assumes power. Aristotle stays and teaches.

344-334 BC: Assos again under Persian occupation.

early 3rd c. BC: Assos under Galatian control.

241 BC: The city belongs to the kingdom of Pergamon.

129 BC: The city becomes part of the province of Asia.

77 BC: Member of the Koinon of Athena of Ilion.

17 AD: Germanicus visits the city and is proclaimed god.

37 AD: Caligula becomes emperor and a new era starts for the city.


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