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Hellenistic terracottas in Asia Minor

Author(s) : Patsiadou Lila (5/13/2002)
Translation : Gougla Dafni

For citation: Patsiadou Lila, "Hellenistic terracottas in Asia Minor",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
URL: <http://www.ehw.gr/l.aspx?id=8017>

Ελληνιστική Κοροπλαστική στη Μ. Ασία (5/27/2008 v.1) Hellenistic terracottas in Asia Minor (12/10/2008 v.1) 



chiton, the
Item of clothing consisting of a square woollen textile seamed on both sides.

himation, the
Rectangular woolen (mainly) cloth that was worn over the chiton (cloak). It could be wrapped around the shoulders and the body in different ways and was fastened with a belt or with brooches.

The term denotes a reaction to the classical ideals of aesthetics, as well as sophistication and an unnatural rendering of the forms. The figures display small heads, elongated limbs and pretentious poses.

Clay inclusions usually derived from eroded minerals and stones (mostly marble and schist).

Tanagra style
A mold-cast type of terracotta figurines of the Hellenistic period. Primarily found in the cemeteries of Tanagra, they became popular in other areas as well, such as Athens.


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