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Author(s) : Dan Anca (29/2/2008)

For citation: Dan Anca, "Ovid", 2008,
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Ovid (12/11/2008 v.1) Οβίδιος (21/10/2011 v.1) 




The renowned Latin poet Ovid was born in 43 BC and belonged to an equestrian family. He was sent to Rome for his education, but despite the opposition of his father, he renounced a political career and chose poetry. An extraordinary talent, he was famous in the elite circles of the Roman society. Ovid had just completed the 15 books of Metamorphoses and the first books of Fasti when he was banished from his beloved Rome to the west coast of the Black Sea. His works Tristia and Pontica/Epistulae ex Ponto offer valuable information about the Black Sea region. We do not know much about the end of his life in 17 AD (as recorded by the Chronicle of Jerome, year 2033).

Main Role


Date and Place of Death

about 17 AD at Tomis (modern Constanţa, Romania)

Date and Place of Birth

20 March 43 BC at Sulmo (modern Sulmona - Abruzzo, Italy)

Other Names

Publius Ovidius Naso


Entry's identity

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