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Galata Tower

Author(s) : Rakova Snezhana , (proofread.) Lees Christopher (8/9/2008)

For citation: Rakova Snezhana, (proofread.) Lees Christopher, "Galata Tower", 2008,
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Galata Tower (3/12/2011 v.1) Πύργος Γαλατά (28/11/2011 v.1) 




Two edifices have been known under the name Galata Tower in Byzantine Constantinople, although it is unclear if the one was built on the site of the other or if they were two indipendent structures. The first Tower of Galata is recorded in the accounts of the siege of Constantinople by the crusaders of the Fourth Crusade from June 1203 untill the 12th of April 1204. The second was built by Genoese in 1348 and was part of a fortress around the Genoese colony of Galata. It still stands today and is a major tourist attraction.

Topographical Location

Galata district, Beyoglu, north of the Golden Horn


Megalos Pyrgos; Christea turris; Galata kulesi

Geographical Location

Byzantine suburb of Sykai (named also Galata and Pera), Istanbul


6th century (?); 1348


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