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Theodosian Walls

Author(s) : Papageorgiou Angeliki
Translation : Panou Eirini

For citation: Papageorgiou Angeliki, "Theodosian Walls",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Τείχη Θεοδοσίου Β' (6/27/2009 v.1) Theodosian Walls (6/27/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table

408-413/412-422: Construction of the walls

439: The new wall extended to meet the sea walls (of Propontis?)

447: Damages on the wall because of an earthquake. It is immediately repaired with the efforts of the people of the city, under the threat of the Huns of Attila

2nd half of the 6th c.: Repairs on the walls by Justinian I and his heirs

610-641: The enceinte is completed with the wall of Herakleios (the Pteron) in the region of Blachernae

early 8th c.: Repairs on the wall under the theat of the Arabs

740: An earthquake causes damages on the walls. Repairs

813: A tall outer wall added to the wall of Blachernae by Leo V the Armenian

820-829: The Pteron reinforced with thre hexagonal towers

after 1261: Repairs on the Theodosian walls by Michael VIII

mid-14ου αι.: Further repairs

1432-1441: Repairs on the outer wall

1453: Fall of Constantinople

1457: Yedikule is erected in the Golden Gate area

1509, 1635, 1656: Ottoman repairs on the walls

1690, 1709: Damages caused by earthquakes

1722-1724: Renovation of the walls by Sultan Ahmed III. After the 18th c. the walls are no longer considered as an actual line of defence

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