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Officials / Politicians









Amiroutzis, Georgios

Amiroutzis, Georgios (20/1/2006 v.1) Αμιρούτζης Γεώργιος (14/10/2005 v.1)

Georgios Amiroutzes was one of the most important, complex and controversial figures of aristocracy and letters in Trebizond shortly before and immediately after the Ottomans conquered the Empire of Trebizond.



Benli Oğlu, Manolakis

Benli Oğlu, Manolakis - has not been published yet Μπενλή Ογλού Μανωλάκης (14/10/2005 v.1)

Manolakis Benli Oğlu was born in Theira of Asia Minor. In his capacity as a merchant in the early 1750s he travelled to Kusadasi where he settled permanently. He is considered the first founder of the Orthodox quarter of Kusadasi, founder of the respective community, a benefactor and a leader of the Greek Orthodox for a series of years.


Chatze Dourmousoglou Helias

Chatze Dourmousoglou Helias - to be assigned Χατζή Δουρμούς Ογλού Ηλίας - to be assigned


Ialemos Odysseas

Ialemos Odysseas - to be assigned Ιάλεμος Οδυσσέας - to be assigned


Kaptan Georgi paşa

Kaptan Georgi paşa - to be assigned Καπετάν Γεώργης Πασάς - to be assigned


Nikolaidis-Tseneoglou, Philippos

Nikolaidis-Tseneoglou, Philippos - has not been published yet Νικολαϊδης - Τσενέογλου Φίλιππος - has not been published yet

Philippos Nikolaides – Tseneoglou is closely connected to the attempt to create a Turkish-orthodox church in Cappadocia at the beginning of the 1920s. Together with Papa-Eftim Karachisarides and Stamatis Zihnis Pouloglou he was one of the central personalities of this particular attempt which ended ingloriously with the exchange of populations, in accordance with the terms of the Lausanne Treaty in 1923.


Oikonomos, Ioannis

Oikonomos, Ioannis - has not been published yet Οικονόμος Ιωάννης (14/10/2005 v.1)

Born in Ayvalik in 1735. He was a priest while he was also awarded the office of oikonomos. His activities led to the ascription of privileges by the Ottomans to the inhabitants of Ayvalik in 1773. For a number of years he also administered the community’s affairs. He died under mysterious circumstances in 1791.


Papa Eftim Karachisarides

Papa Eftim Karachisarides - to be assigned Παπαευθύμ Καραχισαρίδης - to be assigned


Papoulas, Anastasios

Papoulas, Anastasios - to be assigned Παπούλας Αναστάσιος - to be assigned


Paraskevopοulos Leonidas

Paraskevopοulos Leonidas  - to be assigned Παρασκευόπουλος Λεωνίδας - to be assigned