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Academy of Cydoniae, Ayvalık

Author(s) : Salvanou Aimilia , Spiropoulou Vaso (3/10/2002)
Translation : Koutras Nikolaos

For citation: Salvanou Aimilia, Spiropoulou Vaso, "Academy of Cydoniae, Ayvalık",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Ακαδημία Κυδωνιών, Αϊβαλί (2/6/2006 v.1) Academy of Cydoniae, Ayvalık (2/15/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table

1800: Foundation of the Academy of Cydoniae in Ayvalık.

1803-1812: The Academy goes through a crisis on account of the teachings of Veniamin of Lesvos.

1812: Veniamin resigns and is replaced by Theophilos Kairis.

1816: A decision is taken to use the ancient Greek language in the Academy. The school’s students archaize their names.

1819: A printing press is established in Ayvalık, attached to the Academy.

1818-1820: A new crisis engulfs the Academy due to a dispute between ephors and teachers.

1821: Ayvalık is destroyed and the first phase of the Academy’s operation comes to an end.

1856: The Academy of Cydoniae is re-established in full operation.

1879: The "Charitable Society" of Ayvalık takes over the administration of schools.

1884: The Academy is recognised as equal to the Greek secondary schools by the Greek State.

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