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Siege of Constantinople by the Avars, 626

Author(s) : Radic Radivoj (4/9/2008)
Translation : Loumakis Spyridon

For citation: Radic Radivoj, "Siege of Constantinople by the Avars, 626",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Напад Авара на Цариград 626 (1/11/2008 v.1) Siege of Constantinople by the Avars, 626 (2/11/2012 v.1) Πολιορκία της Κωνσταντινούπολης από τους Αβάρους, 626 - has not been published yet 

Chronological Table


558 : negotiations between the Avars and Justinian I.

567 : arrival of the Avars in Pannonia.

582 : the Avars take Sirmium.

584 : the Avars take Singidunum (mod. Belgrade). Attacks against Thessalonica, without success

586 : new unsuccessful assault of the Avars against Thessalonica

617 : negotiations of Herakleios with the Avars.

619 : Byzantium raises the tribute paid to the Avars.

Beginnings of June 626 : the Persians reach Chalcedon

29 June 626 : the Avars from Adrianople arrive in front of the Long Wall.

29 June 626 : the Avar khagan with his army arrives before Constantinople

30 June 626 : preparations for the siege.

31 July 626 : launch of the Avars’ assault against Constantinople

1-6 August 626 : clashes between the Avars and the Byzantines.

7 August 626 : final assault of the Avars against Constantinople. Defeat of the Avar army.


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